Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On our way back

The beach was great! It could have been a little warmer, the wind made it slightly chilly, but it was still a beautiful day!!

It is taking us longer than we want to get back cuz it is rush hour and we cut right through LA! Gotta get ready for double date night with Cousin Peter and Jen!

--> Stephanie
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  1. hey steph,
    have u read my new brain twister???
    call me when know!

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  3. Cali seems to be treating both of you well :) Have fun on your double date tonight :)

  4. hey steph,
    i just realized that i messed up that last message,
    i ment to say, call me when u have an idea or are stuck on the brain twister or somethin.
    i c my mom wrote to u 2!
    well anyway, nice pics, i c u put in new ones!
    i have to say that your mom read 20 poems i wrote for homework and said it's an A++, if that's even possible. LOL
    but let me know when u c the new brain twister b cause i think in my opinion, it's harder than the last!!!

  5. hey steph,
    if ya wanna know why it's a cat and snake because u can't figure it out, call tomorrow sometime after 2. i'll tell u and give u a new 1. K!
    Kristen :)


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