Friday, May 22, 2009

Last night @ camp

Even though I had a wonderful experience here at Moab... As I sit here in Big Red and watch through the window as Stephen lights a black widow spider on fire... I have to say I am glad the camping portion of the trip is going to be put behind us! A huge group of loud guys jut set up camp 2 sites down...ughhh! They are incredibly obnoxious and won't stop fiddling with their poker chips! Anyway tomorrow we are going to get an early start towards the Grand Canyon!!!!! So exciting... Not sick of giant rocks and canyons yet... I may be after this trip... Jk! K gonna get some rest! Talk to everyone tomorrow!
--> Stephanie
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  1. Hi Guys,
    I am sure you are looking forward to the rest of your trip as you move on from Moab. It is really something that you have done so much already and yet have so much more to look forward to. Hope to talk to you soon. Love, Mom

    P.S. Natalie I hope you have a wonderful time at the Grand Canyon! Give the Steph Sko's a hug for me because I really miss them!

  2. Thank you! I am excited to see Steph and Stephen. The photographer in me is really excited to see the Grand Canyon. Hopefully the rain here this morning will fade away and we'll have nice weather for the evening and tomorrow. I will make sure to give Steph a big hug for you :) I know she misses you too!


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