Friday, May 22, 2009

Zip ties and electrical tape...

...are my friend!!!! Looks like it's amatuer hour here at the Howard Johnsons here in
Williams AZ!! First we got a handicapped room which is just weird because it's freakishly spacious! After the tent it's like one extreme to the other!! No biggie though... until I went to take a shower and realized the shower head was disconnected... and there was no way to snap it back into place! So now I call the front desk to ask what was the deal and this is what he tells me...."it broke yesterday, he ordered a new part but it works"! Uh, yea thanks I'm glad we have running water but what does he expect me to do with this? Ordinarily I probably would have taken a breather but after showering the past 6 days in flip-flops I was no longer a happy camper (ha). So anyway Stephen to the rescue.... Next thing I know he leaves and comes back with zip ties and electrical tape and voilà.....

All fixed!!!! My hero!!!! <3
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  1. Way to go Stephen. I am sure you did not want to hear her complaining all night so you really did yourself a favor - LOL! Have a good evening and I will talk to you guys later - Love Mom Sco

  2. Glad you arrived safely. Proud of the boy scout in you, Stephen! Great job. I'd ask for a discount though, before checking out. JMHO.
    Have a wonderful time with Natalie & Aaron. I feel like I know them already from her very uplifting & supportive posts! She has really been looking out for you both every step of the way. Tell her I said "Thanks".
    Hope the weather improves so you can see the canyon in ALL its glory.
    Love, Mom Sko

  3. YOu better get a discount!!!

  4. Don't ya love having a handy guy around? :) Yay Stephen!


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