Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just got to Moab Utah

We just checked out the condos that the rest of the gang is hanging out at. Very cute, here is one...

We are heading to our campsite to go set up. We are about 5 minutes away from the condos so that is good. Tonight there is a meet-n-greet at the Moab Brewery... So we will be meeting up with everyone around 7 or 8ish later. In the meantime we also have to do some shopping and get stuff for our cooler after we set up. Moab is SO cute!!!!! The town I adorable and a lot bigger than I expected. There are so many cute shops that I can't wait to check out at some point!! The scenery is just gorgeous!! Here is the view from when we were driving in...

Oh, and that dirt road shortcut was a lot of fun...

More pics later.... Gotta go call my mom....
--> Stephanie
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  1. OK..someone needs to invent a transporter..RIGHT NOW so I can come join the party!

  2. One question- why aren't you staying in the condo??? You are not a roughing it girl.

  3. wow.. lovin the updates and pics. you will have so much to scrap =)

  4. hey steph,,
    i just saw these and thought id say, awesome pics!
    all the fun states have the better pictures. LOL


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