Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's back!

Yay!!! Drumroll please....

Ta da!!!
Natalie is so great! Dinner was yummy and a lot of fun!! Not only did she bring Stephen his "burger" she gave me a copy of the new Dane Cook cd which I can't wait to listen to... So I'll listen to it now, regardless of the fact I'm exhausted!! Tomorrow we will probably get an early start and I'm all screwed up time-wise!! Goodnight!
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  1. Hi Steph Sko's,
    Stephen I am so happy that Big Red has her emblem back!! Little by little she will be back to her beautiful self! Natalie was right on that and it was so nice of her to do. I am glad you guys finally got to meet up with eachother. Sounds like you had an awesome night. Have fun today at the Grand Canyon. Stephanie I'm sure I will talk to you today before you guys set out on yet another adventure. Love and miss you both, Mom Sco

  2. As soon as Stephen texted me and told me what happened, I didn't hesitate to order him a new one. We are friends and that's what friends are for :) I couldn't have Big Red driving around "naked" lol


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