Monday, May 18, 2009

Whoa Baby!!!

This is pretty intense it's very fun though!!! The thermometer was registering 111 when we were baking in the sun a few minutes ago! Yes, I said 111...that is correct!! We are still on the trail... Just went over a few steep hills! I took a video of one I'll try to post later when we get back to camp! At the top of one hill Stephen is like "you sure you wanna ride for this one"? I'm considering hoping out at this point when it suddenly occurs to me "how on earth would I get down"?? Anyway it wasn't nearly as scary as it looked! Here is one hill that I did run down for just to take videos and pics....

This is what we are conquering next....

Gotta go!
--> Stephanie
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  1. It's always scarier than it looks (most of the time anyways) :) I can't believe it's 111's supposed to be at least 107 here today, maybe 108..which will break the record. Sunscreen is you friend!

  2. Oh my Gosh - you guys are crazy. It looks pleanty scary to me. Call me as soon as you can - love ya. Mom

  3. Are you fried yet girl? :)

  4. it probably isn't as scary as it looks, i would have wanted to give it a try!
    p.s. your probably the most adventurous cousin i have, in a good way!


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