Friday, May 22, 2009

I get to meet Natalie!

For those of you who have been actually leaving comments (not many...tsk, tsk) you might be wondering...."who is Natalie, and why does she seem so awesome?" Stephen met Natalie online on one of his Nissan message boards and has known her for about two years now. Her and her fiance Aaron both have Frontier's and are into off-roading as well. Unfortunately Natalie couldn't make it to Moab for GONE....but her and Aaron were able to get off of work for the weekend and they are able to come meet up with us here in Arizona and come see the Grand Canyon with us tomorrow!!!! They are on their way now, and we get to meet them at last!! It's kinda happy they could come hang out with us for tonight and tomorrow! Should be fun...I promise to post pictures! :)
Anyway we are waiting for them to go get some dinner....there is a Southwestern Irish pub called, Pancho McGillicuddy's down the block that we are going to meet up at. I'm starving!!!

So minus the rain, we made good time getting here to Williams, AZ. It was SOOOOOOOO confusing trying to figure out the time zone change becuase there was a discrepency with whether or not the GPS was still on Eastern time or if it finally for most of the time we had no idea how much longer we had to go....and spend most of the time trying to figure it out. My head was was kinda funny though! I was able to get a little bit of scrapping done in the car, which was good because I haven't had to many chances in Moab. Here is a layout I made with some pictures from the Dome Plateau trail that we ran on Wednesday....

There is this one video that I have been trying to upload but the internet connection is all I can show you is the one scenic video that I uploaded last is okay there is just so much more that I want to post here!! Check this out...


  1. Stephanie,
    You are doing a phenomenal job documenting this whole adventure. What a special gift it is for all of us who are "following" you! Thanks for the summaries and the fabulous pictures. Every time I pass the computer I look to see if you have posted anything else.
    Have fun at Pancho McGillicudy's. Crazy name but that is probably what draws people to them!
    Love, Mom Sko

  2. Yay for going to the Grand Canyon! It was great hanging out with you both. I still can't believe you waited on us for dinner - but we thank you :) Love the scrap booking above! That video looks quite familiar to the GC at first..except it's sunny lol.


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